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November 9, 2017
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Welcome Stacy Degler

Stacy Degler is our new Customer Relations Manager!

Stacy Degler & Big EdWhen Big Ed tasked me with putting together a bio, I didn’t think much of it. I’d compile a list of my skills and experience and that would be it. I can write. I’ve written plenty over the years, including newsletters, stories for my children, curriculum, standard operational procedures, and daily motivational letters to my recruit while he was in boot camp. But writing about MYSELF – Stacy Degler? Not so much.

I’m much more comfortable in the supporting role of admin. That’s due in large part to my inner geek, who enjoys the use of spreadsheets and databases way too much. Since I enjoy baking as well, what Big Ed got when he added me to the staff was something of a Betty Crocker/Steve Jobs combination.

Since joining BLS and learning more about trucks and logistics then I ever thought possible, I’ve also been able to put my customer service background, and experience as a daycare director to good use. As a daycare director, I spent most of my day keeping people out of trouble; and you’ve met Big Ed, right? Since I love puzzles (anything from Sudoku to jigsaw) and truly enjoy being able to help people, I find that assisting our customers with their specific logistical needs has been a great fit for me.

Fast Facts about Stacy Degler:

Married to a great guy since 1991, that would be Phil.
Mom to 3 wonderful boys – one Athletic Trainer, one United States Marine, one high school senior. Jared, Ryan and Adam are my sons. Warning – if you ask me about the boys I WILL tell you about them. ☺
Also Mom to one fur child – that would be Abby, our Golden Retriever. She’s wonderful too, albeit furrier than the boys.
I adore books of all kinds. I also really love to watch movies, specifically comedies, and can repeat most of the dialogue of Young Frankenstein, verbatim.
I detest lima beans.

That’s about it. I’m delighted to have joined Burns Logistics and thank Ed and Marianna for the chance to be part of their team!

Note from Big Ed

Stacy Degler is quite a find! Since joining us, she has added a higher level of efficiency and professionalism to Burns Logistics Solutions. Yes, she does keep me in line. She also keeps me stocked up on baked goods. I couldn’t be happier to have Stacy as part of the team. Give us a call, say hi, and get to know Stacy!


  1. Tama Gambler-Price says:

    I have known Stacy since we were in elementary school. We reconnected a few years ago via Facebook. You are so lucky to have her. This amazing woman contributed to my classroom in Florida for books that my students requested. We have not physially seen each other in maybe 25 years. She is an asset to anyone’s organization.

  2. Jeff harvey says:

    Welcome Stacy, Nice to see Big Ed add additional talent to the team. Burns Logistics is good folks and we’re proud to be part of the family of providers. Enjoy the journey.
    Jeff Harvey

  3. Rob Ficocelli says:

    Wish you many great years with Burns Logistics Solutions and the best of success.


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